Flexible active headhunting

No upfront. No commitment. No exit fees.

Middle roles Senior roles Lead roles
Success fee 10% 12% 15%

Success fee is calculated based on an offered annual gross salary / or B2B income.

Gurantee period - 3 months, payouts are divided into 3 parts during the guarantee period.

Hire from my pipeline

No deposit. No commitment. No exit fees.

Success fee 50%

Get access to my recently interviewed candidates (https://jobs.ithr.space).

Success fee is calculated based on an offered monthly gross salary / or B2B income.

Guarantee period - 1 month.

Flat fee active headhunting

Flat fees coming with partial upfront deposit and commitment, but at a more affordable price.

Middle Senior
Remote roles EUR 3,500 EUR 4,500
On-site roles EUR 4,500 EUR 5,500

Gurantee period - 3 months.

Subscription based tariffs

For organisations with specific neeeds I can offer recruitment outsourcing.

| | Shared IT recruiter & talent sourcer | Shared talent sourcer | | --- | --- | --- | | Monthly fee | EUR 1,850 | EUR 950 |

You get an experienced HR specialist who can immediatly start resolving your tasks on outsourcing basis.

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